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True Grains® Honey Grain

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Supports Healthy Brain, Eyes, and Heart

Cholesterol Free • 0 Grams Trans Fat • 0 Grams Saturated Fat

True Grains® Honey Grain bread contains 24 mg DHA Omega 3 per serving. Omega 3 is an effective heart nutrient and promotes cardiovascular health. It also supports brain and eye
development throughout life.

Cleveland Clinic dietitians and wellness experts developed Go! Healthy™ – to give you the green light so you’re sure you’re making the healthiest food
selections. Cleveland Clinic nutrition experts certify that foods carrying the
Go! Healthy™ label meet national nutritional guidelines. Cleveland Clinic’s Go! Healthy™ program makes it easier to find the most healthy food choices.

True Grains® Breads Meet Go! Healthy™ Guidelines:
• Less than 4 grams of Saturated Fat
• Less than 4 grams of Added Sugar
• Less than 600 mg of Sodium
• No Trans Fat
• 100% Whole Grain

What is DHA?
DHA is an Omega 3 with proven brain, eye, and heart health benefits for all stages of life.

What is life’sDHA?
life'sDHA is a fish-free and sustainable source of DHA from algae. It is a trusted vegetarian source of DHA found in hundreds of foods and supplements worldwide.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.